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United Healthcare Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

UHC Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

United Healthcare Rehab Coverage

United Healthcare is one of our nations top provider for health insurance options. UHC is available for both employers and individuals. Not only does United offer the typical health insurance plans as expected, but they also have dental and vision available. Specifically when it comes to addiction treatment programs, United Healthcare has a variety of services through United Behavioral Health. Their Behavioral Health includes mental health and also substance abuse options.

There are many options available to the patient when it comes to covering the cost of addiction treatment. In some cases, addiction treatment can be fully covered by the United Healthcare Plan.

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Rehab Coverage through United Healthcare Coverage

An increasing number of health insurance providers have increased coverage for their mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral health treatment since the Affordable Care Act was implemented. United Healthcare does offer rehab coverage for policyholders who are seeking treatment for a substance abuse issue in many cases.

The network of behavioral health providers that are part of United Healthcare offer patients more than 80,000 certified and licensed professionals. This also includes access to specialty care providers. When it comes to addiction treatment and mental health United Healthcare provides options for both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment at over 3,600 locations.

According to guidelines established by United Healthcare, when a patient is seeking inpatient mental health services there are stipulations that may apply. These guidelines include the fact that services must be provided under comprehensive, individualized treatment plans. Which at The Beaches Treatment Center, we are proud to offer all our clients an extremely customized treatment program according to their initial assessment and specific needs. Other limits include the time in treatment and various levels of care that are needed on a case by case basis.

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United Healthcare Mental Health Coverage & Benefits

United Healthcare does provide a range of treatment and benefit options for policyholders who need mental health. United Healthcare has a team of professionals who are available anytime to answer member questions about anything related to mental and health and substance abuse.

Their mental health customer service team can also provide members with names of participating facilities and doctors near them, help monitor progress to ensure they’re receiving the best care, and assist in managing any problems that may arise with treatment.

Is United Healthcare Mental Health Covered By Insurance?

Since the Affordable Care Act, United Healthcare has expanded their services to many state’s exchange programs and the marketplace. It has since left some state exchanges, but still offers all of the the mental health coverage that is needed by the law.

Because of this act, UHC offers all comparable medical services pricing to anything that deals with addiction issues. Examples of the services include copay requirements. Also according to law, insurance providers including United Healthcare, are required to cover mental and behavioral health services in the same way they cover medical services.

United Healthcare Behavioral Health

UHC Behavioral Health offers health benefits to help patients deal with everything from a minimal problem to severe challenges when it comes to mental, behavioral, and addiction health. A wide variety of specific services are covered if they’re declared medically necessary.

As an insurance provider, United Healthcare has a relatively extensive network of care providers ranging from counselors, therapists to psychiatrists and psychologists. Some of the behavioral health issues for which United Healthcare may cover treatment include:

Substance Abuse and Recovery

Issues Surrounding Domestic Violence

Eating Disorder

Anxiety and Depression

Stress Related to Parenting, Family, and Eldercare, as well as Relationships

What To Expect From United Healthcare for The Beaches Addiction Treatment Program

All UHC policy coverages vary from patient to patient. A few things to keep in mind when determining the best addiction treatment option is make sure there is a pre- authorization in most cases. Rehab may also require a copay, and people should look at their Summary of Benefits to determine what their pre-authorization requirements are,
as well as their copay requirements.

When the inpatient rehab is a necessity, usually UHC will require documentation explaining why, and when this happens detox can be covered as well if it’s determined reasonable and necessary. Clients need to keep in mind, there may be some components of detox that United Healthcare may not cover, this includes extra costs
associated with outpatient care and maintenance programs.

Many United Healthcare policies will cover most of the therapy that takes place in residential rehab, including group and personal therapy, education services, and family therapy, among others. UHC will cover 180 days of treatment for members over their lifetime when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment.

The Beaches Treatment Center Offers Free Insurance Verification for United Healthcare Policies, What are You Waiting For?

The relationships The Beaches Treatment Center has created with alcohol and drug rehabs nationwide is the reasoning behind the fact we are able to provide you with accurate, detailed United Healthcare insurance information. We can provide you with the levels of care, out of pocket costs, and lengths of stay ahead of time so when you enter treatment, it is not a risk to you.

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