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Havard Pilgrim Insurance For Rehab

Harvard Pilgrim for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is the first step towards a better life. Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction has been taking over every aspect of your life. The decision to face addiction head on with a quality treatment program is a hard one to make, then thinking about how to pay for it is stressful. If you have health insurance, there are a number of options that will be available to you that you may not even know about. Addiction is a chronic disease that kills tens of thousands of people every single year and must be treated as such. If you have Harvard Pilgrim health insurance, then chances are you may be able to have some of all of treatment paid for of the associated costs. It is important to discover your policy and find out what options for drug and alcohol addiction you have. There are many different types of treatment programs some are 30 days where others are up to one year, call us now for a free insurance verification and see what options you have: 888-670-9424.

How Do You Find Out If Harvard Pilgrim Will Cover Your Treatment?

Since the Affordable Care Act has passed (2012), it is required that all health insurance companies offer coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Continue reading to learn more about Harvard Pilgrim drug rehab coverage.

There are a number of different ways to find out what coverage options you have available through your insurance policy. When you first enrolled in Harvard Pilgrim health insurance chances are they sent you a welcome packet that informs all members of their specific coverage options. You can also always call your insurance provider, explain the situation, and see what is covered and what will be the best path of treatment for your plan and financial situation.

Insurance conversations are confidential and all insurance providers see drug addiction and alcoholism as a disease, so there should be no shame in reaching out to seek help. Insurance companies are not permitted to refuse treatment to their members who need treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Plans have changed since 2012 when it comes to treatment under the Affordable Care Act.

Getting the Coverage Needed for Addiction Treatment with Harvard Pilgrim

A great thing about Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is that they offer some of the best insurance options for those needing various levels of care in addiction treatment. Not only do they have individual plans, but also employer-based plans. Harvard Pilgrim is an insurance company that serves people living in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Main, and New Hampshire. Through the insurance company, you can be covered for a range of different behavioral health issues, which include substance abuse.

Common with other insurance companies as well as Harvard Pilgrim, is they tend to want people to pay a higher co-payment if they require residential rehab rather than an out-patient treatment program. There are many different plans and co-pays according to each different person. You can call Harvard Pilgrim yourself, or you can call us and we can verify your insurance and see what type of coverage you have available. By calling (888) 670-9424 you can speak to a Beaches Admissions Specialist who can verify what insurance you have and determine what your insurance plan covers in order for you to set up a plan for entering into a quality treatment program.

Why is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Coverage Important?

In the United States, over 23 million people currently suffer from addiction. Addiction is categorized as a chronic disease. It affects the brain just like many other mental health disorders. After prolonged drug or alcohol use the brain is rewired in a way that changes the reward center within the brain processes responses. Addiction also creates a dependence not only physically but also psychologically.

We as Americans are in the middle of a huge drug crisis when it comes to heroin, opiates, and opioid addictions. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that $700 billion per year is spent on addiction. Addiction is impacting every level of our society, within families, extra costs for emergency responders, businesses suffer- all levels. Everyone you talk to knows an addict.

The sad statistic according to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) of of the 23.5 million Americans who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, only 11 percent actually are getting the help they need. A huge factor in this sad statistic is partially due to the cost associated with a proper rehabilitation treatment program, because of this, many suffering are unable to get the help they need.

Rehabilitation with Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim insurance may cover the following levels of care for addiction treatment:


Inpatient also known as Residential Rehabilitation

Partial Hospital Treatment (PHP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Each and every individual suffering from addiction, coverage is determined on an individual basis by Harvard Pilgrim. They will tell the facility how many days each client is permitted to receive treatment, and what levels of care are included in their coverage plan. Many Harvard Pilgrim patients receive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse for little or no cost to them. Check your specific plan, or contact a Harvard Pilgrim representative today to confirm your level of coverage, for out-of-network providers.

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