Department of Child and Family

Department of Child and Family Licensure and Regulation for Addiction Treatment

At The Beaches Treatment Center, we are a licensed substance abuse provider by the State of Florida’s DCF. The Department of Child and Family services looks into a number of areas when it comes to the certification process.

The DCF of Florida provides a comprehensive list of all providers in each county, state-wide that are licensed through their office. The Beaches Treatment Center services are aligned with the standards of quality care that have been set by the Department of Child and Family Services in Florida.

The wide array of services that have been DCF licensed for The Beaches Treatment Center include:



Case Management

Our Various Levels of Care Including: PHP, IOP, and OP

There are specific criteria for each area that The Beaches Treatment Center has met prior to being certified. We take pride in providing the highest quality care for each and every client.

The DCF of Florida based upon research understands that a person who successfully completes an addiction treatment program has a more successful post treatment way of life related to their future in abstinence rather than those who have not.

The major areas DCF sees improvements in life when it comes to family situations and relationships, less issues with the criminal justice system, more successes in employment, less problems with child-protective services, and better health.

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